API Accountants for Public Interest

As the name indicates Accountants for Public Interest work free of cost just for the benefits of the public. API is an organization with a large number of accountants that work in the field of accounting to provide free services to the organizations such as NGOs, Charitable organizations and other small organizations that cannot afford to hire paid accounts. These accounts prepare financial statements and conduct financial analysis of those organizations absolutely free of cost. In addition to preparing financial statements these accountants helps these firms and organizations to follow accounting principles, rules and guidelines as declared by GAAP.

API is helping non-profit organizations to follow and apply accounting principles in their businesses by providing various guidelines and publications for this purpose. There are a number of publications published by API for non-profit organizations that contain a large amount of information on a number of accounting topics that a non-profit organization must know and implement in their business. One of the best and the most helpful of these publications is “What a difference Preparation Makes: A Guide to a Non-Profit Audit”.

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