Advantages of Bills of Exchange

Learning Objective:

  1. What are the main advantages of bills of exchange?

The following are the advantages of a bill of exchanges:

  1. It is a legal evidence of debt.

  2. It is a convenient method for the transfer of debt

  3. A creditor can sue on the bill itself

  4. It is a negotiable instrument and can be transferred for settlement of one’s debt without difficulty.

  5. It can be cashed before due date by discounting.

  6. A debtor enjoys the benefit of full period of credit.

  7. It affords an ease means of transmitting money from one place to another.

bill of exchange advantages

It is for the aforesaid advantage, a buyer can easily be included to purchase goods and accept bills drawn on him by the seller when he is not prepared to pay cash at the time of purchase.

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