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Cash Budget | Cash Budgeting

Cash Budget | Cash Budgeting: Learning Objectives: Define and explain a cash budget. What is the purpose of a cash budget How to prepare a cash budget. Definition and Explanation: Cash budget is a detailed plan showing how cash resources will be acquired and

Capital Gearing Ratio

Capital Gearing Ratio: Definition and Explanation: Closely related to solvency ratio is the capital gearing ratio. Capital gearing ratio is mainly used to analyze the capital structure of a company. The term capital structure refers to the relationship between the various long-term form of

Capital Expenditures / Capital Cost

Capital Expenditures: Learning Objectives: Define and explain capital expenditures / Capital Cost Expenditure means the amount spent. Any expenditure incurred for the following purposes is capital expenditure: For acquiring fixed assets such as land, building, plant and machinery, furniture and fitting and motor vehicles.

Capital Budgeting Decisions

Learning Objectives: Evaluate the acceptability of an investment project using the net present value method. Evaluate the acceptability of an investment project using the internal rate of return method. Evaluate an investment project that has uncertain cash flows. Rank investment projects in order of

Capital and Revenue Items

Capital and Revenue Items and goods Learning Objectives: Define explain and give examples capital and revenue expenditures, receipts, payments, profits and losses. What is the difference between capital and revenue expenditures? What are the exceptions to the general rule of capital and revenue expenditures?
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