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Sales Budget

A sales budget is representation of the expectation of a company regarding its sales both in terms of units and cash for that particular budgeting period. If a company covers a large geographical area and it has gigantic sales in each of these geographical

Cost of Quality

The cost of quality may be defined as the cost associated with manufacturing high quality products according to the money spent by the customer and the expectation of the customer. Company can eliminate any cost associated with the production of the products that don’t

The Cost Principle

The cost principle is one of the basic principles of accounting that states that all the assets, liabilities, equities and expenses must be recorded on the financial statements at their original costs or at their cost of acquisition. This principle is widely used in

Gross Profit Ratio

Gross profit ratio is the ratio that shows the total amount of profit that will be earned by a company by selling its products and services. The gross profit ratio is the ratio that shows the total profit before subtracting administrative expenses, operational expense

Gearing Ratio

Gearing ratio can be defined as the ratio a company’s debt to that of its equity. This is also called as debt to equity ratio. High gearing ratio means that ratio of debt to equity is high and vice versa. Sometimes this ratio is
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