Bulldog Market

Bulldog market is the nickname or the alias of the foreign bond market of United Kingdom. As this is the foreign bond market this means that this is the internal market of United Kingdom where the securities and bonds of all those living outside of UK can be traded or sold or purchased. The quotation of these securities is done in the UK pounds sterling. The name bulldog is given to the market in order to pay tribute or homage to the animal bulldog that is the national mascot of the England and the United Kingdom. The foreign bond markets of many other countries are also named after their national animals or mascots such as the market of United States, Netherlands, Spain and Japan has their own nicknames.

The foreign bond market of United Kingdom flourishes in London as London is considered as the financial capital of the world. London is one of the most popular locations of the world for all those companies that are looking for finance. Most of the investors in London like to invest in bonds as they offer high return along with offering a very low risk associated with it. The bulldog market of United Kingdom is different from that of the external market where the bond not issued by the UK residents cannot be traded. Another reason of the popularity of the UK bulldog market is due to its historical reach. At one point of time in the history the market of UK also include the investment markets of Australia, Hong Kong and India.

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