Business Broker

A business broker is a person that is expert in the sales and purchase of the companies not the goods or services of the companies. A business broker facilitates the investors and the individuals that are interested in the sales and purchase of their business and companies. There are different kinds of business brokers that are specialized in selling and purchasing companies in certain industries and market areas. For example a business broker may have expertise in selling and purchasing restaurants, retail business or hospitality. Some business brokers are specialized in selling and purchasing of a certain size or certain value business. Such as a broker may be specialized in dealing with a business that has an annual sale of almost 10 billion dollar.

While selling or purchasing a business it is the responsibility of a business broker to analyze and keep an eye on different sensitive issues of this complex process. A business broker must make this transfer of ownership a fair affair by determining a fair price of the business, finding out whether the financial information is up to date or not, whether the financial records are up-to-date, conducting negotiation on price, going through escrow and then closing the sales agreement. Business brokers don’t only facilitate the process of business sales or purchase but they also build a sense of trust among the sellers and buyers not to disclose the deals of sales process in public. They have also the authority of weeding out the unqualified buyers.

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