Execution Only

Execution only is a kind of trading service that is restricted to the execution of trades only. In this type of trading service client don’t receive any information regarding the merit, suitability and profitability of the trade that is being executed. This kind of trade also doesn’t tell the client about the risk associated with the investment that a client is going to make. Execution only trading services are mostly internet based services or these are the telephone based services. As there is no advice or details associated with this kind of trading or investment services so this kind of services are suitable for experienced investors who understand and know the risks and rewards associated with a particular type of investment. The execution services are cheap and economical as compared to the ordinary trading execution services. These kinds of services are less costly due to the nominal cost associated with the improvement of the technology that is involved in order to conduct such services. Thus this is a very economical trading platform for the retail investors. Most of the executions trading services only require a single digit dollar commissions in stock trading. In order operate in an organized manner the execution only services use an account called as nominee account. This means that the investment of client is registered against the name and the number of the broker who is conducting this execution only trading service. The broker performs all the tasks related to the investment including buying and selling of securities, collecting dividend and depositing the dividend in the account of the client.

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