How to find Data for Ratio Analysis

In order to conduct the analysis of financial ratio and to calculate financial ratio of a company we need to acquire data that can be used to conclude specific financial ratios for the company in question. There are a number of ways to acquire financial data for the company to conduct ratio analysis. One of the best ways to acquire data is to access the website of the company over the internet. Almost all the public companies have a published website that can be accessed by anyone over the internet. You can find out the annually, quarterly and monthly reports of the company over their website. The website is used by the company as a tool to provide information to its investors, interested entities and shareholders. Walt Disney is one of the best example in this respective as they share their entire information regarding their investment policies, financial condition and future perspective over their website. Another method of acquiring financial information is to access the public or investor relation department of the company over the internet.

Another source of getting financial information of the company is Security Exchange Commission. The information posted by SEC in their electronic gathering and retrieval database for different companies contain financial reports of the companies and includes annual report, quarterly report and other types of forms containing financial data.

Yet another source to acquire financial data of the company is to access Yahoo Finance website that holds financial data for almost all the companies. Yahoo Finance is a great online resource for finance new, financial reports and financial ratios of the companies.

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