Knowledge Process Outsourcing

As the name indicates the knowledge process outsourcing is a process in which the knowledge, skill, information and related work from one organization to the other organization or the subsidiary of the same organization. The knowledge is taken from one organization to the other with the help of employees, staff and workers of the organization. The organization or the subsidiary of the organization can be in the same country or the same location or the subsidiary can be located offshore to save cost of labor and other expenses. Most of the companies conduct knowledge process outsourcing when they don’t have skilled staff or experienced workers in a certain practice area of the business. Another reason of hiring knowledge personals from outside the company is that it will cost less to the company as compared to setup a separate department comprising of the skilled personals regarding a specific job within the business surroundings.

In other words knowledge process outsourcing can be defined as hiring of skilled labor or skilled staff for the completion of the task reading which the skilled labor or personals is not available within the company. This skilled labor can be located anywhere such as it can be located offshore or at some other geographical region. The example of knowledge process outsourcing involves jobs related to intellect offered to knowledgeable personals offered in the research and development department of the company.

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