Natural Capital

Natural Capital can be defined as the name given to the stocks of natural resources such as oil, gas, water and may other natural elements. Unlike the stocks of human build materials such as buildings, machines and other sort of products the stocks of natural capital cannot be created by the humans. Non natural resources can be created or replicated on regular basis however the capital associated with natural resources is non-renewable. Natural resources are in fact those resources that are required by both the animals and the humans to lead a peaceful and contented life. Sometimes the fight of acquisition of these resources may lead to dilemma that may ruin the peace and harmony of the world. In order to fulfill all the requirements of the mankind and animals it is allowed by the society and the authority to deplete these resources. However a proper check must be maintained in order to deplete or reproduce these resources and all the efforts must be accounted to find out whether this is done for the welfare of the society or not.

In order to check the balanced and positive use of natural resources and natural capital the authorities such as Government must check the company participation in using these resources. It must be checked that it may be the case that the company is making tons of profit but it is disturbing the ecosystem and deteriorating the natural resources in doing so. If a company is involved in such a task it is granting a negative impact to the welfare of the society.



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