Plant Patent

Plant Patent is a kind of intellectual property right that is used to protect the unique and intelligent characteristics of a production plant from being copied. This kind of patent also prevents the reuse, theft, sale and reproduction of the unique characteristics of plant. A plant patent can prove to be a real help to the inventor of the plant to protect the uniqueness and the functionality of the plant when it is being produced in the production phase. This kind of patent also helps the inventor to prevent competitor from using the plant. In United States of America plants patent are granted by the United States Patents and Trademark office. This patent is granted to the inventor, heir of the inventor or the person assigned by the inventor himself.

There are different kinds of patentable plants and these include the natural plants, somatic plants and bred plants. The plant can be invented or discovered however the discovered patent is given to the plant only in the case if the discovery of the plant is made in some cultivated area. The plant that is produced can be asexually reproducible and the reproduced plant must match the qualities of the original one.

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