Quality of Conformance

Quality of conformance is a concept to calculate the degree of completion of the product. It is the ability of the product or service to meet its specific and ultimate design. The design of the product is the interpretation of what a customer wants from the product. A product with a high quality of conformance is considered to be the closest copy of the design wanted by the customer. However it may be possible that a product even with high quality of conformance cannot meet the demand of the customer if the design is not created and interpreted according to the actual customer demand.

In order to measure the quality of conformance we need to design a specific acceptable tolerance range. For example if a flight is scheduled to leave the airport in next ten minutes then the quality of conformance will be high if the flight leaves the airport within that specific time interval as 10 minutes are the tolerance range for that flight.

Another example of tolerance range and quality of conformance can be taken in such a way that when a product is used by using expensive materials, additional feature and experienced labor with a high cost may not be having a high quality of conformance as the actual requirement of the customer was to made a product with a low budget range.

The management must play its role to find out whether the product is produced in such a way that it is fulfilling all the customer requirements along with having a high quality of conformance.

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