Sales Lead

Sales Lead can be defined as a lead of a new sale that means the occurrence of the prospective customer of a product or service of a given business that is created by word of mouth publicity, recommendation or some other source. A sales lead is created when a customer shows interest in the product or the business and leaves its contact number and other sort of related information to be contacted by the business later. Businesses take a number of steps to generate and maintain sales lead for example a business may arrange a trade show to show off its products and generate as many leads as possible from the visitors and interested customers. In the same way a business can acquire sales lead with the help of emails, direct contact, advertising and other marketing tactics.

A business can also purchase sales lead from a third party such as purchasing emails to send product defining emails to the prospective customers is also an example of the sales lead. However it is not always necessary that a sales lead will turn into an actual sale activity because a lot of things needed to be done in order to convert a sales lead into a sale activity that includes determining the intent and interest of the customers.

The process of the sale is initiated when a sales lead is identified and is qualified as a potential lead and is added to the pipeline of company’s sale activity. The email id or the contact number of sales lead is used to send email, to make outbound sales call and to provide direct marketing material to the potential customer.

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