Total Quality Management

Total quality management can be defined as a management practices or set of efforts that are applied to the organization in order to improve the organization and increase its efficiency. The aim of the total quality management is to improve the ability of an organization through which it can deliver quality products and services to its customers. Every organization has its own tools and techniques to improve total quality of the process and the products within the organization.

There are certain key concepts in total quality management process that are common in all types of organizations. These key concepts state that customer is the major entity while defining the quality and the quality is defined only according to the requirement of the customer. Another key element in total quality management is that the top management is responsible for the control and implementation of the quality within an organization. if an organization wants to increase the quality of its products and services it must redesign and restructure all of its work flows as systematic analysis and the improvement of the work flow also increase the quality of the work flow.

In short the department of Total Quality Management can be defined as a department that continuously improve the quality at every level of the organization and at of every responsibility. It is the combination of fundamental management techniques, improvement of the efforts, and the use of specialized tools for the continuous improvement of all the processes.


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