A monetary security or similar sort of venture or the investment that is being sold for a worth supposed to be lower than the investment’s factual intrinsic value. A undervalued stock can be assessed by analyzing the underlying financial statements of the company or the business entity in addition to analyzing its rudiments, such as cash flow, return on assets, profit retention and capital management. All these essentials of the company can be used to evaluate the undervalued stock of a given company.

A number of investors and investing companies buy undervalued stock. There are a number of reasons of buying an undervalued stock of a company. The basic reason behind purchasing an undervalued stock is that it is the basic component in the mogul Warren Buffet’s strategy of value investing. This strategy is also called as value investing. Value investing is not a fool proof strategy however it has some risk associated with it that may result in greater returns. However there is no guarantee associated with an undervalued stock that when and how an undervalued purchased stock will be appreciated in the market. In actual there is no way of determining the actual intrinsic value of an undervalued stock. In simple words it can be said that purchasing and undervalued stock and then getting profit out of it is a mere game of luck, chances and education.

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