Unqualified Audit

Unqualified audit is termed as a complete audit. An unqualified audit is termed as the most accomplished comprehensive and accurate form of the audit. The only discrepancies left in the audit are believed to be those discrepancies that are not accessed by the auditor due to lack of information or inability to access the information. The auditor runs unqualified audit smoothly in such a way that it doesn’t only scrutinize the internal system of control of an entity by also looks into the financial books of the entity or the organization. The auditor requires all financial reports, statements, documents and ancillary data associated with the organization to conduct a complete or an unqualified audit.

An unqualified audit is opposite to that of the unaudited opinion. That means an unqualified audit ensures the complete and accurate audit of the business in the question. The unaudited opinion is an opinion whose accuracy and accomplishment cannot be decided as it is done without any research and further analytical analysis. The method of performing an unqualified audit is similar to that of the other audits and it is done according to the basic accounting principles. The emphasis of the unqualified audit is on the detail and the accuracy of the audit. Sometimes an unqualified audit cannot be conducted so the details of the financial matters can be presented in the form of an audited opinion. The qualified opinion can answer the reservations in a better as compared to the unaudited opinion.


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