What is Business Process Re engineering?

Business Process Reengineering is a process of making an organization more efficient and effective by redesigning the workflows in order to optimize end to end processes and to remove process that don’t add any value to the system. There are seven reengineering principles that must be followed while running the reengineering process within an organization.

  • The first step should be taken in redefining the outcomes not the tasks
  • All the processes of an organization must be identified and must be redesign according to the urgency of given process
  • Information must be integrated while redesigning the processes
  • All the resources must be treated as centralized resources
  • Parallel activities of the work flow must be integrated
  • The decision point must be the point where the work is being performed
  • Capture the information once at the spot

Business process reengineering uses top down approach in order to implement redesigning and restructuring processes over an organization. While implementing the BPR you must start with the mission statement that defines the purpose of the organization and how it is different from other organizations. The vision statement of the organization is also identified to find out where the organization is going in the near future. The mission and the vision statements are then used to build a business objective and clear business strategy. In the next step of implementing BPR is to define the behaviors that are used to achieve organizational goals. Key performance measures are produced in order measure the progress of the organization. The last step of the BPR is to identify the initiatives that will improve the organizational culture and in turn will improve the efficiency of the organization.


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