Year End Bonus

Yearend bonus can be defined as a reward paid to the employees of a business entity or a corporation at the end of the year. In most of the corporation the yearend bonus is tied to the performance metrics of the employees and these metrics are designed and approved by the upper management. The amount of the yearend bonus granted to the employees depends upon a number of factors such as it depends upon the performance or it depends whether the certain milestones are met or not. Most of the organizations grant lump sum payment to their employees as reward of their performance and milestone achieved by the individual employees.

The example of bonus granting corporations includes a number of business organizations, financial institutions, private organizations and public sector organization. The list of executives and senior management is present in Wall Street Journal on annual basis. The amount and the frequency of the bonuses depend upon the performance and dedication shown by the employees, the revenue earned by the company or the trends being produced in the economy. There are a number of factors that may result in fluctuation of the bonus however in most of the cases the bonus remains substantial throughout the year.

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