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Efficiency Ratio

Efficiency ratios are the measure of the degree of the efficiency of a business. Each business runs while utilizing its assets and managing its liabilities. Efficiency ratios of a business are calculated to show how well a business is using its assets and how

Liquidity Gap

It is measured as the difference between the assets and the liabilities of a company. This gap is calculated when the assets of the firms have different properties as compared to the liabilities of the firm. Liquidity Gap can be calculated as positive or

Accumulated Fund

It is an accounting term that is used for the official capital fund of a non-profit organization such as charitable organizations and NGOs. The accumulated fund of an organization is the reserve of the funds and is maintained when revenue of the organization are

Accrued Interest

Accrued interest is the form of interest that has be calculated and recognized by the company on various financial documents and records but still it is not paid or received by the company. Interest that is recognized by the company is either payable interest
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