capital expenditures

A capital expenditure is an quantity used up to obtain or get better a long-term asset such as material or building. Typically the cost is evidence in an account classified as land, Plant and material. The cost will then be charged to reduction expenditure over the useful life of the asset.

Capital Expenditures / Capital Cost

Capital Expenditures: Learning Objectives: Define and explain capital expenditures / Capital Cost Expenditure means the amount spent. Any expenditure incurred for the following purposes is capital expenditure: For acquiring fixed assets such as land, building, plant and machinery, furniture and fitting and motor vehicles.

Capital and Revenue Items

Capital and Revenue Items and goods Learning Objectives: Define explain and give examples capital and revenue expenditures, receipts, payments, profits and losses. What is the difference between capital and revenue expenditures? What are the exceptions to the general rule of capital and revenue expenditures?