Cash Budget

Cash Budget is a plan for owners and managers to achieve their goals for the company during a specific time period. A Cash Budget is extremely important, especially for small businesses, because it allows a company to determine how much credit it can expand to customers before it begins to have liquidity problems. Learn the fundamental concepts of cash budgets and to evaluate your budget on a month-to-month basis.

Sales Budget

Sales Budget: Learning Objectives: Define and explain sales budget. Give and example of sales budget. Contents: Definition and explanation of sales budget Example Definition and Explanation: A sales budget is a detailed schedule showing the expected sales for the budget period; typically, it is expressed in both dollars and units

Cash Budget | Cash Budgeting

Cash Budget | Cash Budgeting: Learning Objectives: Define and explain a cash budget. What is the purpose of a cash budget How to prepare a cash budget. Definition and Explanation: Cash budget is a detailed plan showing how cash resources will be acquired and