The ledger is a book which contains a condensed and classified record of all the pecuniary transactions of the business generally brought, transferred or posted from the books of original entry.Ledger is called the king of all books of accounts because all entries from the books of original entry must be posted to the various accounts in the ledger. It should be noted that journal contains a chronological record while ledger contains a classified record of all transactions.


Maintaining the record of financial transactions and financial day to day business activities is called bookkeeping. The basic purpose of bookkeeping is to maintain the financial records of a business clean, transparent and up to date. Bookkeeping provides the basic financial information which later


Ledger: Learning Objectives: Define and explain the term ledger. What are the main advantages of ledger? What is the difference between ledger and journal? Explain the method of posting. What are the different methods of preparing a trial balance? Why a trial balance is

Advantages of Ledger

Advantages of Ledger Learning Objectives: What are the main advantages of ledger? The following are the advantages derived from ledger: It is the ledger through which successful application of double entry system of bookkeeping is ensured. Each and every transaction is divided into two