Functions of Accounting (accounting functions)

Functions of Accounting (accounting functions):

Learning Objectives:

  1. What are the important functions of accounting?

Record Keeping Function:

The primary function of accounting is to keep a systematic record of financial transaction – journalisation, posting and preparation of final statements. The purpose of this function is to report regularly to the interested parties by means of financial statements.

Protect Business Property:

The second function of accounting is to protect the property of business from unjustified and unwanted use. The accountant thus has to design such a system of accounting which protect its assets from an unjustified and unwanted use.

Legal Requirement Function:

The third function of accounting is to devise such a system as will meet the legal requirements. Under the provision of law, a business man has to file various statements e.g., income tax returns, returns for sales tax purpose etc. Accounting system aims at fulfilling the requirements of law. Accounting is a base, with the help of which various returns, documents, statements etc., are prepared.

Communicating the Results:

Accounting is the language of business. Various transactions are communicated through accounting. There are many parties – owners, creditors, government, employees etc, who are interested in knowing the results of the firm. The fourth function of accounting is to communicate the results to interested parties. The accounting shows a real and true position of the firm of the business.

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