Patent Agent

A patent agent is an individual that is a professional and is licensed by US patents and trademark office to present his opinions regarding the applied patents and help the inventors by assisting them in the process of applying for patents and filing the applications for the patent for their invention. It is the duty of the patent agent to assist the inventor in the entire patent application filing process and to help the inventor in completing the paperwork, writing the legally enforceable claims of the ownership of the invention on the behalf of investor. This is also the responsibility of a patent agent to find out whether a pervious art or previous invention of the same kind exists or not. The patent agent also revises the rejected applications of the patents and also decides which time is the best time to abandon the field application.

In United States only there are about 10,000 licensed patent agents that are currently assisting the inventors in the process of patent filing applications. In addition to that there are about 30,000 patent attorneys that handle the legal aspects related to the inventions and there patents. USPTO’s website is the best place to search for a licensed patent in order to get assistance in patent application filing process.



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